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Swantje Peter

Swantje Peter 510

Master of Education „Pedagogy, Educational Action Research“

Contact: swantje.peter(at)



Participation in subject-specific lessons. Reconstruction of the interaction between teachers and students.


Participation is highly relevant in the context of inclusion-oriented and democratic arrangements of teaching. The dissertation project builds on this normative requirement, whereby an empirically based theory of participation and its implementation in educational processes so far represents a desideratum.

The qualitative-reconstructive study focuses on the following key question: “How is participation interactively produced and negotiated by teachers and students at inclusive and democratic schools?” The aim is to find out how the knowledge - the different levels of orientation - is related to the practical action of the various actors.

The data collection with videos takes place at “Gemeinschaftsschulen” in Berlin. The analysis of the empirical material follows the documentary method (resp. its theoretical background: the praxeological sociology of knowledge). The aim is to approximate answers whether and to what extent participation in certain habitual orientations is established and negotiated by teachers and how students perceive them.

Contributions to Conferences and Workshops

Peter, S. (06/2019). Dokumentarische Schul- und Unterrichtsforschung. Ein Werkstattgespräch mit PD Dr. Matthias Martens (Halle). Gemeinsam mit Matthias Olk. 06.Juni 2019. Berlin.

Peter, S. (04/2020). Praxeologische Wissenssoziologie und Dokumentarische Methode: Komparative Analyse und Typenbildung. Ein Werkstattgespräch mit Prof. Dr. Tanja Sturm (Halle-Wittenberg). Gemeinsam mit Matthias Olk. 03.04.2020. Berlin.