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Sophie-Cathérine Görtler

Sophie-Cathérine Görtler

Master of Education in Special Education and English

Contact: goertler.sophie(at)



Indicators for Inclusion in Educational Practice


The research project is designed to gather quality indicators for inclusion used in practice at Berlin schools with a focus on inclusion. The field research is to be conducted at seven Berlin schools using a qualitative approach. School documents will be analysed first, followed by group discussions as well as interviews of experts in order to collect those indicators that the schools have decided to use for their own inclusive development. The data will then be analysed using Qualitative Content Analysis. As there are no standards for ‘inclusive schools’ in Germany, the information gathered from the research project is of utter importance since it shows criteria the schools chose to bridge the gap of defi nition and thus aims to contribute to fill this gap and enhance the quality of inclusive school practice in Germany.


Görtler, S.-C.; Piezunka, A. & Tegge, D. (2016). Inklusion-Bildung-Schule: Analysen von Schulstrukturentwicklungen. Indikatoren für Inklusion. Tagungsband zur 29. Jahrestagung der Integrations-/Inklusionsforscher*innen im deutschsprachigen Raum.

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