Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Science - History of Education


Third-Party-Funded Research and Projects at Humboldt University, 1991-2011


  • "Unions of Teachers and Professionalisation" (1978-1982), financed by the German Research Foundation (DFG).
  • Education Science in Western Europe. Comparative history of education in Germany and France. Funded by Volkswagenwerk Foundation (in co-operation with Jürgen Schriewer) (1983-1985).
  • Education Science 1919 - 1955: Republic and emigration, national-socialism and re-establishment. Research project in the DFG-priority programme "Emigration of Science", 1988-1994.
  • In co-operation with Dr. Günther List, Cologne: The "deaf-mute" and his 'ability to learn' ("Bildbarkeit"). Educational and socio-historical analysis on the German and French "Oralism" between the Aufklärung (Enlightenment) and World War I. 1991-1993, funded by the Fritz-Thyssen-Foundation.
  • Inspiration, Break-Up, Renewal - Pedagogic ideas and historic influence of youth culture (part of the project "youth culture in Hesse and Thuringia 1913-1989", in co-operation with Prof.Dr. S.Quandt, Univ.Gießen). Funded since 1991 by the federal research priority programme Hesse (cancelled due to the appointment from Berlin in 1991).
  • Politisation of everyday school life - schooling in Brandenburg, 1949-1989. Funded from 1992-1994 by the Ministry for Education, Youth and Sports of the Federal State of Brandenburg.
  • Experiences of Socialisation in the UdSSR and their reactions on the politics of education of the Soviet occupation zone and the GDR, in co-operation with Christa Uhlig, funded by the DFG, 1995-1997, 1997-1999.
  • Modernisation and Professionalisation, German-American cultural exchange after 1945, in co-operation with Karl-Heinz Füssl, funded by the DFG, 1995-1997, 1997-1999.
  • Handling of Indoctrination, Intentions of Education, Forms of Education and Effects of Education in German "states of education", in co-operation with Konrad Wünsche. Subproject of a research group from the Free University BErlin (FU) and Humboldt University Berlin (HU) on the topic "Education and school in the transformation process of the Soviet occupation zone, GDR and new federal states", funded by the DFG, 1994-1997, 1997-2000.
  • Ability to learn ("Bildsamkeit") and Disability, in co-operation with Sieglind Ellger-Rüttgardt, funded by the DFG in the context of the priority-programme "Ideas as a form of power to form society in the modern age Europe", 1997-2006.
  • Benjamin Franklin's Philadelphia Academy and the Dessau Philanthropin. Two models of a supra-denominational school (1749-1793). In co-operation with Prof. Hanno Schmitt and PD Jürgen Overhoff, Potsdam, funded by the DFG, 2004-2010.
  • Education Studies in Germany: Semantic tradition, functions for society, theoretical accomplishments, funded by the DFG, 2006-2010.


Current Research Projects


  • History of the University of Berlin: 1810-2010, publication in the Akademie-publishing company, 2010-2012 (Online)
  • History of the discipline of Education Studies, 1776-1945: functions for society, forms of knowledge and research accomplishments, ongoing.