Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Science - History of Education

PD Dr. Sonja Häder

Duration of employment in the department


Winter term 2001/2002 - Summer term 2003


Tasks and projects


Stand-in professor for Prof. Tenorth / Professorship for the History of Education in teaching and research, administration of the Department for History of Education


Research priorities and publications


  • History of Education (focus GDR)


Sonja Häder/Christian Ritzi/Uwe Sandfuchs (editors.: School and Youth in times of change. Reflections of processes of change between GDR and the Federal Republic. Hohengehren: Schneider publishing 2001.

Sonja Häder/Ulrich Wiegmann (editors.): „On the edge of bankruptcy. Intellectuals and Pedagogy in the social crises of the years 1956 and 1968 in the GDR, Hungary and the CSSR. Hohengehren: Schneider publishing 2004.


(both editions were the results of conferences on the respective topics and reflect the close collaboration with the DIPF/German Institute for International Educational Research).


  • Biographical research/ Theory of Education / Processes of Education


Sonja Häder/Heinz-Elmar Tenorth (editors): The way of the education of the subject. Education theoretical analyses. 48th supplement of the Journal for Pedagogy/Education 2004. Weinheim: Beltz.


(The edition collects contributions of the self-designed and -conducted department symposium 2002 on the topic "Ego-documents in the Educational Sciences").


  • External Funding


Preparation and application of the 2004 acceptet DFG-project on the history of the Academy for Pedagogical/Educational Sciences of the GDR. An institutional-historical study (run time 2005-2008).

Sonja Häder/Ulrich Wiegnabb (editors): The Academy for Pedagogical/Educational Sciences in the Field of Conflict of Science and Politics. Frankfurt a.M.: Peter Lang 2007.


Current place of employment


Professorship for Systematical Education Science at the Technical University of Dresden


Prof. Dr. Sonja Häder

TU Dresden

Institut für Allg. Erziehungswissenschaft

01062 Dresden