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Thea Nesyba

Thea Nesyba

Teaching Degree in English and Spanish for Secondary Education

Contact: thea.nesyba(at)



Impact of Organized Interests on School Reforms: A Case Study on Inclusion Policy in Germany


Organized interests have been identified as relevant actors taking part in the making of education reforms by both scholars in the fields of political science and education studies. However, relatively few studies investigate their role in education reforms using empirical evidence. This dissertation project intends to explain the role of organized interests by looking closely at the policy-making process that anticipated a school reform for inclusive education in the German Land Niedersachsen (2015).

From a bottom-up perspective, it investigates the impact of diverging interests and strategies of unions. In particular, it focuses on representations of those groups of people, who are directly affected by the reform: teachers, students, parents, and persons with disabilities.

As a theoretical perspective, the project applies the Narrative Policy Framework (NPF) to the field of education. As a young theory of the policy process, the NPF emphasizes the role of narration. The research design combines a case study approach with qualitative research methods (document analysis, expert interviews). The text corpus for the analysis includes press releases and statements, parliamentary protocols, media coverage, as a well as interviews.

The dissertation project uses an interdisciplinary perspective to combine insights from education studies concerning inclusive schools with a political science angle on organized interests and the policy process.


Moser, V., Akhoondi, A., Bengel, A., Gasterstädt, J., Görtler, S., Nesyba, T., Piezunka, A., Schrumpf, F., Tegge, D., Wawzyniak , A. & Wiebigke, J. (2016). Graduiertenkolleg „Inklusion-Bildung-Schule: Analysen von Schulstrukturentwicklungen“ an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. In A. Hinz, T. Kinne, R. Kruschel & S. Winter (Hrsg.), Von der Zukunft her denken. Inklusive Pädagogik im Diskurs (S. 140-152). Bad Heilbrunn: Klinkhardt.