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Conference theme

Changing configurations of adult education in transitional times



Adult education is changing. The concept of lifelong learning has been moved to the foreground in political agendas in Europe with significant implications for research. New goals are set. New actors and institutions are now engaging in adult education. New forms of teaching, learning and counseling are observable. These forms are often merged into various hybrid configurations, building on past configurations.

The established concepts of adult education have not been replaced, but merged with new concepts of lifelong learning.


The conference theme wants to stimulate critical research-focused discussions about the developments of adult education on national and European levels.  How do we perceive scientifically these developments and their wider meaning? Where do we come from and where do we go with adult education? Which mechanisms of exclusion and inclusion can be observed? Why are we moving into these directions? What are the gains and losses? Which role does research presently play and what should be researchers’ contributions? How can transitions and changing configurations be analyzed?


Berlin Alexanderplatz: Adults in Transition

Abb.: Claus Käpplinger

Foto: Claus Käpplinger