Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Kultur-, Sozial- und Bildungswissenschaftliche Fakultät - Abteilung Erwachsenenbildung/ Weiterbildung

7th European Research Conference

4-7 September 2013, Humboldt-University Berlin




ESREA is a European scientific society aimed at providing a European-wide forum for all researchers engaged in research focused on the education of adults and adult learning. ESREA promotes research through network meetings, seminars and conferences, a triennial research conference and through publications. More information at


Abb.: Claus Käpplinger

Foto: Claus Käpplinger

ABOUT Department of Adult Education and Continuing Education

The Department of Adult Education and Continuing Education is part of the Institutes of Educational Sciences at Humboldt-University.

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Earlier ESREA triennial research conferences have been held in Strobl 1995, in Bruxelles 1998, in Lisbon 2001, in Wroclaw 2004, in Seville 2007 and in Linköping 2010.