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Call for papers


Abstracts of participants      

You are invited from all fields of research on adult education and adult learning to submit an abstract addressing the conference theme. Contributions from colleagues all around the world are also welcome. Abstracts should be no more than 500 words. The deadline for submission of abstracts is January 15, 2013.


The Scientific Committee of ESREA 2013 is responsible for the selection of the submitted abstracts. Latest notification of acceptance is March 1, 2013. Please submit abstracts in two separate files: one including the paper title, the name, address, e-mail of each author; and the second one including the paper title and abstract. Please send your abstract in RTF-format.


Deadline for uploading final papers: 2013 August 15.The paper should be 5000 - 7000 words.

(Final papers must be submitted via conftool, a submission via mail is not possible)


Information for contributors of Abstracts/Papers

A paper is proposed and submitted in the form of an abstract by one person. Up to three other people can be named as co-authors in the abstract proposal. For each participant, a maximum of two such proposals may be submitted in which the person is named as an author or co-author. The abstract proposal must indicate which of the named authors will be presenting the paper. All those authors attending must register for the ESREA 2013 Conference.  The author or one of the named co-authors is responsible for communicating with the ESREA Conference Organizers about the paper. The conference organizers will allocate a chairperson and a discussant for each paper.  Accepted abstracts will be downloadable in PDF-format on this website. Full conference papers will be downloadable on the website exclusively by the conference participants.


Criteria for Review of Abstracts

Abstracts for papers are welcome from all fields of research on adult learning. The criteria used in reviewing each abstract will be as follows:

  • Should be directly related to specified aspects of adult education;
  • Should make reference to a theoretical framework, involve systematic enquiry of an analytic or empirical nature;
  • Background, method, results and implications should be set out clearly in a manner which is accessible to an international audience.



The abstract, the paper and its presentation should be in English. Simultaneous translation will not be available in plenary sessions. However, in line with the ESREA language policy, efforts will be made to provide some translation in the parallel sessions.

Please bear in mind when presenting a paper that you are speaking to an international audience, the majority of whom may not be familiar with your own country let alone its adult educational system. Please avoid the use of acronyms and do not use expressions which relate to your adult educational system without providing a contextualization.



Submitted papers will be put on a CD which will be distributed with the conference pack distributed when arriving at the conference venue. The conference organizers will review and select a number of papers for inclusion in an edited collection.


ESREA 2013 PhD student award

One of the papers written by a PhD student will be awarded with the ESREA PhD student prize consisting of 250 Euros. The selection will be made by the scientific committee of the conference and cannot be overruled.


The Call for papers can also be downloaded as PDF.


Important Dates 2013:

2013 January 15 Deadline for submission of abstracts
2013 March 1 Acceptance of abstracts will be confirmed
2013 August 1 Final papers must be submitted