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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Science - Centre for Comparative and International Education

Florian Waldow

Head of the research group



Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 7, Room 226

Telephone: +49-30-2093-4093

E-Mail: florian.waldow(at)hu-berlin.de

E-Mail for homework assignments: abgaben.waldow(at)hu-berlin.de


Photo of Florian Waldow


  • 2013: Professor for Comparative and International Education at Humboldt University, Berlin (commencing October 2013)

  • 2013: Habilitation in Münster
  • 2010-2013: Research group leader in the German Research Foundation’s Emmy Noether-Programme at University of Münster
  • 2007-2009: Researcher at Uppsala University
  • 2005: PhD at Humboldt University, Berlin
  • 2002/2003: Guest researcher at Stockholm University
  • 2000-2010: Researcher and lecturer at Humboldt University, Berlin
  • 1999: State Examination for teachers in academic secondary schools, Berlin


Main research interests

  • Institutional, cultural and normative basis of assessment in schools in international comparison
  • Educational transfer
  • Governance, accountability, standards-based reform: predecessors, diffusion, intentions and effects in international comparison



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