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Instructions for writing an internship report during B.A. and M.A. studies

The internship report aims to reflect on the experiences of the internship in the light of educational theories and research and personal development perspectives. It should be between seven and ten pages long and is not graded. It represents the module final examination (BA EW-9.1 or 9.2 and MA EW-8).

I strongly recommend to contact me before or during the internship to discuss the exact topic of the internship report with me.

The internship report consists of two parts. The first part describes my own experiences. First of all, some information about the type of internship, the organisation and the activities should be given here in a concise form. Then the own experiences should be described from a specific, limited perspective. In particular, the focus should be on difficulties, stumbling blocks or problematic situations, which can then be reflected on later. This limited perspective should be discussed with me in advance. To make it easier for me to understand your personal internship experiences, the specific experiences can be included in the internship report in the form of an empirical, dense or phenomenological description. Here you can draw on the knowledge and skills you have acquired in the seminars on qualitative educational research in the BA EW-2 and BA EW-3 modules. This descriptive part can refer to one to a maximum of three situations.

The second part of your report presents the educational research reflection which should be addressed from the perspective of your own learning experience and learning progress. This means that you should only use the theories and research to the extent that it is useful for reflecting on your own experience. In other words, theories should be linked to your practice and your experience of them. Remember that the internship report is not a scientific paper, but a reflection of your own experiences in practice. Nevertheless, you should take into account the information on scientific work (

You can also discuss the theories and research relating to the specific problem, question or situation you have chosen with me in advance. The conclusion of the thesis is a conclusion from the perspective of personal development perspectives. It does not matter whether you were very successful or effective in your internship or whether the sponsor was satisfied or dissatisfied with you. Much more important is the theory and research-based reflection of your own experiences in the field and the stumbling blocks and difficulties contained therein. Even if you cannot solve the latter for the time being, but can only name and reflect on them, you have written a good report!

You will receive detailed feedback from me, if desired.

If you have any questions regarding the search for a suitable internship position, internship advice or the exercise offered parallel to the internship, please contact the internship officer for B.A. and M.A. Erziehungswissenschaft, Dr. Severin Sales Rödel (sales.severin.roedel(at)