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Egon Schütz


Prof. Dr. Egon Schütz (1932-2015)

Formerly: Professor  Emeritus for General Education/ Philosophy of Education on the

Pedagogical Seminar of the

University of Cologne





Foto: Matthias Burchhardt


Egon Schütz (1932-2015) was a representative of a phenomenologically oriented research on education. He was a student of Eugen Fink, who held a chair of philosophy and general education in Freiburg and is considered an important student of Edmund Husserl alongside Martin Heidegger. Egon Schütz was appointed to a chair of General Pedagogy at the University of Cologne in 1981 after having worked at the University of Freiburg and the College of Education there. He was retired in 1997.

The lecture manuscripts and seminar transcripts published here cover the entire period of his teaching and research activities in Cologne. They show his phenomenological stance of not presenting existing knowledge and established findings, but rather encouraging the reader to think through fundamental questions of anthropology, educational theory, ethics, aesthetics and philosophy of language independently and sceptically-critically. Schütz poses these questions in each case in the light of current events and often based on current discourses in the humanities and social sciences (e.g. on sociality, power, simulation, alterity). He does not treat them from a disciplinary perspective of a science that is differentiated and distinguished from others by its own objects and methods. Rather, he regards them as a challenge to an educational-philosophical way of thinking that is mindful of its phenomenological origin.

Thematically there are three complexes of questions at the centre: "Power and Powerlessness of Education", "Art and Reality" and "Humanism and Critique of Humanism" (according to the chapter captions of an anthology of the writings of Egon Schütz).


Published: Schütz, Egon (2016): Existenzialkritische Pädagogik. Hrsg. von Malte Brinkmann. In: Phänomenologische Erziehungswissenschaft, Band 2. Springer VS



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