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Series of lectures ''Ideas and Realities of Universities''

Recently published histories of universities and students in Berlin and Leipzig have once again shown various ideas and concepts. These include the academic as ''Brotgelehrte',' the student as the ''only disturbance of academic freedom'', the fabrication of proper and long-lasting myths, the self-recruitment of societal groups, the competition with other scientific institutions etc. The formation and transformation of scientific disciplines has also been studied extensively and political interventions and demands have been discussed. These discussions look beyond the key events recognized in the general public sphere, such as the turning point of 1990, the Bologna Process, or the Excellence Initiative of German universities.

The series of lectures reconsiders the ideas of academics and universities in the self and foreign perception, in the public sphere as well as among adversaries and outsiders. The approach is interdisciplinary, international and transgenerational -- speakers will vary from senior professors to young scientists. Historical and current ideas will be contrasted. Asian, American, European, and African perspectives and contexts will be discussed.

Conceived as an open presentation of the topic, the series of lectures is addressed to students of all disciplines. Each lecture of 60 minutes will be followed by a discussion with the audience. It will be possible to acquire two credit points.


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Marc Fabian Buck und Marcel Post

Faculty of Educational Research

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(Dates and titles of the lectures will soon be announced.)


  • Jan-Hendrik Olbertz, President of HU Berlin
  • Heinz-Elmar Tenorth, Emeritus Professor of History of Education Theory, HU Berlin
  • Marcelo Caruso, Professor of History of Educational Research, HU Berlin
  • Patrick Ressler, Research Fellow at the chair of History of Educational Research, HU Berlin
  • Andrä Wolter, Professor of Theory of Higher Education, HU Berlin
  • Alexander Graeff, Writer, visiting Lecturer at the UdK Berlin
  • Rainer Schröder, Chair of Civil Law, Building Code of the Private Sector and Real Estate Law, as well as newer and newest History of Law, HU Berlin
  • Anne Rohstock, Research Fellow at the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature, Humanities, Art and Education Theory, University of Luxembourg
  • Hans-Peter Müller, Professor of Sociology, HU Berlin
  • Jürgen Henze, Professor of Comperative Education, HU Berlin
  • Andreas Eckert, Professor of History of Africa, HU Berlin
  • Jürgen Kaube, Journalist and Head of Humanities at the FAZ
  • Werner Treß, Research Fellow at the Moses Mendelssohn Center for European-Jewish Studies (MMZ)