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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Science - History of Education

History of Education


Chair of the History of Education Division: Prof. Dr. Marcelo Caruso

In all cultures, education and socialization are controversial issues that take place in special social contexts and, moreover, are shaped by a diverse history that is often full of tensions. In the History of Education Division, we investigate this history. Our journey into the past is motivated and informed by pressing questions of the present. Thus, we understand our research as an alternative way to engage in current dilemmas and controversies – both theoretical and practical ones – related to education. The “vehicles” for this trip are research projects, teaching, conferences, and international cooperations.





Exzellenzcluster Bewilligung

Cluster of Excellence “Contestations of the Liberal Script“ (SCRIPTS) with Prof. Marcelo Caruso as been approved


After the end of the Cold War, liberal democracy seemed to have prevailed for good. Today, 25 years later, however, the liberal model of political and economic order faces a profound crisis. The Cluster of Excellence Contestations of the Liberal Script (SCRIPTS) analyzes the contemporary controversies about the liberal order from a historical, global, and comparative perspective. What are the causes of the current contestations of the liberal script, and what are the consequences for the global challenges of the 21st century? The Cluster connects the academic expertise in the social sciences and area studies in Berlin, and thereby bridges prevailing methodological and institutional divides. In addition to Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, the Centre for East European and International Studies, the German Institute for Economic Research, the German Institute of Global and Area Studies, the Hertie School of Governance, and the Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient are participating in the Cluster. Based on research collaborations with universities in all world regions, SCRIPTS addresses the diversity of the contestations and their inter-connections.