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Dear Sigrid,
I have attached our latest "demo" version for you. This version is the latest in-house full version that has not yet been officialy released. It has an expiry date of April 2007. Unzip the file called, and rename the file gui.e to gui.exe. Double click on gui.exe, and ConQuest will run. You will not need to install it.

Hopefully, we will release the official version by April 2007. If not, please send me an email then and I will send you another update. You can use this version on as many machines as you would like.

From: Sigrid Bloemeke []
Sent: Thu 31/08/2006 5:07 PM
To: Wu, Margaret
Subject: ConQuest Demo and Full Licence

Dear colleague Margaret Wu,

my German colleagues Eckard Klieme, Johannes Hartig and Rainer Lehmann
recommended to use your software ConQuest for further analyses in our
study on teacher competencies. We measure mathematical and pedagogical
knowledge of future mathematics teachers, and our main aim is to develop
a multidimensional model of teaching competence.

In order to test your software I have downloaded the demo (dated 1999,
April 21) from your homepage
( However, with regard to
my final decision I have two questions to which my colleagues
unfortunately could not answer:

- What is the main difference between the demo and the full version? Or
vice versa: What is the restriction of the demo?

- According to your homepage a full licence is about 675 $. If I had to
buy separate licences for each person in the project, I would need to
buy several licences since I have several assistants and graduate
students. Due to the limited funding of my project this is almost
impossible to realize. So, my question is: Is there a possibility to get
a group-licence at a reasonable prize?

I would be grateful if you can give me a short reply.

Yours sincerely
Sigrid Blömeke

Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Sigrid Blömeke
Full Professor of General Education und Instructional Research
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