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Chair Instructional Research


to the Chair in Instructional Research


In the following pages, we introduce our chair which is held by Professor Dr. Thomas Koinzer since 2010. The chair is part of the Department of Education at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany.

Our research work is dedicated to examining teaching and learning processes and their conditions in kindergarten, schools and universities. The projects focus on modeling and measuring professional competencies (e.g., the knowledge and beliefs underlying teacher performance in the classroom) and on teaching and learning with information and communication technologies (ICT). System related school research is also a part of our work. We use multiple research methods, and we work within an international context.

Our vision is to improve teacher education and the processes and outcomes of the education system. Few other factors are as critical for sustainable human progress, social justice and economic prosperity as the quality of education systems. Thus, we strive to develop and implement rigorous research to address the needs and problems of the teaching practice. We also take into account the sociological, political and historical perspectives on various developments in school systems at the macro level.