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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Humanities and Social Science - Methods in Education Studies

Current projects


FDQI-HU aims at networking and developing existing teaching competences in the fields of rehabilitation science, general didactics, subject didactics, gender studies and language education.

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Scientific Transfer Project for the funding scheme ‘Modeling and Measuring Competencies in Higher Education - Validation and Methodological Innovations (KoKoHs)’

KoKoHs II - Read More…

WiWiKom II

Valid Assessment of Students’ Development of Professional Business and Economic Competencies over the Course of their Studies –A Quasi-experimental Longitudinal Study

WiWiKom II - Read More…


Validation of an Entrance Examination in the Study Domain of Business and Economics – A National and International Comparative Study of Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences

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Support and development of schools to foster the potential of highly performing students and students with the capability of high-performance.

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